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Our Brands Lineup

私達"OPEN DISTRIBUTION./オープンディストリビューション."は、国内外の素晴らしい自転車関連製品&ブランドを日本国内の小売店様にご紹介することを目的とし、2011年秋に設立されました。

丈夫で高精度なハブやBBをカリフォルニアはサンノゼの自社工場にて生産する"PHILWOOD/フィルウッド"、国際的なトラックレース大会でも数多くの実績を残すニューヨークの"AFFINITY CYCLES/アフィニティーサイクルズ"、シアトルを拠点にバイクツーリングのための様々なバッグをハンドメイドしている"SWIFT INDUSTRIES./スウィフト・インダストリーズ"など、ユニークかつハイクオリティーな各ブランドの日本総代理店を務めています。



We are "OPEN DISTRIBUTION". Established in 2011, our goal is to introduce bike related products/brands that we are fascinated with, to the fellow people in the bike industry.

We are the Japanese distributors of - "Philwood", the great bike component company from San Jose CA, who produce one on the top notch hubs and BBs from their own factory. "Affinity Cycles", the high performance frame brand from New York who have achieved many great results on international track races. "Swift Industries" the hand made bike bag company from Seattle who always does an out standing job in designing/producing bike bags for bike touring.

And many more unique, high quality, and amazing brands. On top of that, we also distribute our original goods from "BLUE LUG" and "FAIRWEATHER" as well.

We handle all the brands with care, but mostly we make sure that we can manifest not only their products, but their concept and quality.

We are always looking for friends from around the world who could relate and share the brilliance of the products we carry. If you are interested in the products we handle, please feel free to contact us, as we are "OPEN" anytime.


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